AtCoder Petrozavodsk Contest 001


Title問題名 User nameユーザ名 Question質問 Response回答 Public全体公開 Created time投稿日時 Modified time最終更新日時
Vacant Seat fetetriste Please specify that you expect also a newline after "i". Sorry, we forgot to mention that we expect a newline after each query. This is now added to the problem statement. If you think you were affected by this, please contact us here. We will nullify such submissions.
Vacant Seat NASU41 質問回数が規定を超えた場合についての採点状態については定まっていますか. 申し訳ございません、日本語版問題文が一部欠けており、ただいま修正いたしました。「入出力」セクションの真下に「注意」セクションが追加されましたのでご覧ください。
For international contestants: Please ignore; there was a some problem in only Japanese statement.